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Producer & Activist Matstubs Strives to Change the World

For Matthew Stubbs, known by his fans as Matstubs, his art is more than music. It’s a message and a way to use his creative voice to make a difference in the world. And the 21-year-old Canadian producer takes this seriously, by not only infusing his music with inspiring mantras and melodies to change the world but going a step farther to use his music to directly impact his community.

Fans were able to name their own price for Stubbs’ most recent EP, Sonder, which consists of six tracks ranging from festival trap to feels-y crooners, and 100 % of the proceeds were donated to the homeless population in his hometown through local shelters and soup kitchens around Ontario.

Sonder, with the lead single being his remix of UK vocalist Jetta’s "I’d Love to Change the World", received over 65 million plays.

"I believe that music has united people more than any religion on this planet. It temporarily removes us from our busy lives and allows us to feel whatever we wish to feel. I look forward to the day everybody can live passionately without having to worry about the unnecessary established distractions of today. The world needs major changes and I believe that one day it will. I want to make music. I want to have a voice. And I want to be a leader, at least until everybody can become their own leader."

Now, Stubbs' is back with a brand new remix, this time turning Jetta's "Take It Easy" into a heartfelt, chill trap song that inspired World of Dance performers Tam Rapp & Daniel Jerome to create a stunning choreography video. Check out the video and download the remix below.

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