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Facebook Is Stealing From Artists [VIDEO]

Facebook is lying, cheating, and stealing in their bid to become YouTube's biggest competitor for online video.

Facebook has a history of shady behavior and controversy, but in sheer magnitude, their handling of video content probably marks the biggest scandal the company has been involved with. They recently announced 8 billion plays per day of Facebook video - an achievement they will most certainly use to generate even more advertising revenue. Yet their statistics are deliberately manipulated to inflate the numbers, and a large amount of the video content is stolen from YouTube.

To fully appreciate how evil Facebook is being on this issue, it's important to understand how YouTube handles video content and the people who make it. Content creators on YouTube have access to YouTube's ad based revenue-sharing monetization system, which gives them the opportunity to make money off their content. While the amount of revenue is tiny per view, when a channel can consistently make popular videos, it's possible for them to make a living creating video content. Because of the obvious financial interests, YouTube has a responsive and (generally) effective system for detecting and blocking content posted by channels that didn't create the content themselves. And, YouTube's ranking and recommendation system is based on Google's algorithms, so it maintains a fairly accurate, unbiased relevance and ranking structure.

Facebook's model is drastically different in three crucial ways. First, Facebook doesn't have any revenue-sharing system currently in place - so Facebook keeps 100% of the ad revenue that traffic and views generate. Second, Facebook doesn't have an automatic system for detecting stolen content, and the system for manually removing stolen content at the creator's request is terribly slow and inefficient. Third, Facebook deliberately manipulates their newsfeed ranking algorithm to suit whatever purpose they see fit. As they decided to become a major player in the online video world, they've rigged the algorithm in such a way that video uploaded directly to Facebook reaches a huge audience, as compared to the tiny reach of embedded YouTube video. Plus, they count plays even when those "plays" are actually just 3 seconds of muted autoplay as a user scrolls past on his or her newsfeed - but of course embedded video doesn't get the autoplay feature.

At this point, a huge percentage of the video content that Facebook is making massive advertising profits from is stolen from the original creators on YouTube, who get nothing. So Facebook is literally stealing piles of money from independent artists, entertainers, and educators. It's an absolute disgrace.

Check out the (YouTube embed!) video below for an excellent, more detailed explanation from In a Nutshell - Kurzgesagt

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