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Ocean Waves Turn these Stairs in Croatia into an Instrument [VIDEO]

This weekend was full of tragedy. In just 24 hours, the world lost 115,000 innocent people due to terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad as well as natural disasters in Japan and Mexico. We could all use a little solace.

The Sea Organ, or Morske Orgulje, is a 230-foot long natural art installation designed to do just that. Conceived by Nikola Bašić, this architectural work of art uses a series of tunnels and channels with the wind and waves of the Adriatic Sea to turn the stairs of a marble jetty into 35 organ pipes.

And just a few hundred meters away is the Sun Salutation, or "Hello Sun," another artistic installation that is activated by natural elements. The Sun Salutation uses solar energy to create stunning light shows each night that change based on the day's sunlight and wave activity.

And even if you can't be in Zadar, Croatia to enjoy the ocean instrument and solar energy light show firsthand, you can still admire the beauty of their thoughtful designs and even watch and hear their serene and rhythmic music and lights in the video below.

Credit: linssimato

Source: True Activist, ViaGlobe

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