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YouTube Releases Music App Designed to Push Premium Paid Service

Towards the end of last week and less than a month after launching its premium paid service, YouTube rolled out its music app. Turning every song you listen to into a "station," the app takes cues from SoundCloud and allows you to navigate through an endless stream of recommended music.

Simple in design and functionality, the main page of the app displays “Home,” “Likes” and “Music Today,” which shows the 40 most popular videos and other trending artists and songs. The "Explore" option allows you to browse other music videos and live videos from that artist. Probably one of the most distinct features of the app is the slider that allows you to set your desired level of adventurousness as YouTube selects music to put in your queue. Offline music is also available through an automatically generated “mixtape.” While it’s generated for users, they can still manage the storage.

The app is designed to entice users to sign up for their premium paid service, YouTube Red, as this unlocks the best features of the music app. Paid subscribers who download the music app can watch and listen ad-free, switch from video and audio-only, can still listen when minimizing the app or locking their phone and can also cache music to their phone. The question is... are these features enough to convince users to subscribe? And how effective is this app for music discovery?

Source: Billboard

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