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Star Wars May Outlive All of Us

Wired just put out a lengthy piece detailing the future of the Disney owned Star Wars franchise, and it's epic.

I despise the word epic. It's been overused into meaninglessness. But it really is the only word to describe the future of the Star Wars universe as envisioned by the writers and producers at Disney. They plan to create an ever expanding shared universe of interrelated stories, with no foreseeable end. The upcoming trilogy, and the first anthology film Rogue One are just the beginning. Thinking of the Marvel universe, with all its parallel, interconnected stories will give some insight into the breadth of their vision - but for many reasons, the Star Wars universe has the potential to be vastly bigger and more enduring than the Marvel.

“Star Wars is its own genre, like all genres, it can hold a million different kinds of artists and stories... It can be anything you want it to be.”

- Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote Empire and Jedi, and is co-writing the new trilogy.

Where the Marvel universe is essentially tied to the existing superheros of the comic books, Star Wars has no such limitations. It's only bound by the basic features of its universe: the Force, the Jedi, the Sith, and a galactic scale civilization. Disney won't need to replace heroes with new actors as the original actors age, because the stories are not bound to existing characters. There can be new Star Wars stories for each generation, with different actors, different themes, and different technologies. Now of course this will require a greater scale of creative work, but if the enormous non-canon expanded universe (now called Star Wars Legends) is any indication, there will never be a shortage of creative minds eager to tell new Star Wars stories.

So yes, epic.

Check out the full Wired article, for some awesome behind the scenes insight, history, and more about the future of Star Wars.


And if you somehow haven't seen the trailer for The Force Awakens:

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