EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Generate Puts the Power to Make Music Videos in Your Hands

Generate is a sound-reactive video recording app, that puts the power to create wild visuals and music videos in the palm of your hand.

Generate has been growing in popularity in the community of music and visual artists, and for good reason. It has sound-reactive, real-time controllable filters that create gorgeous visual effects with incredibly simple controls. Seeing some of the videos that have been made with generate, you would think they came from a professional studio and took long hours of processing and rendering to make.

Generate App : Live Event Visuals from Generate App on Vimeo.

Beyond just making dope music videos, Generate has created interactive video wall installations at music festivals. Users can capture images and video using the app, then submit to a central system that feeds their content to the artists running the visuals for the event, creating a collaborative video art installation that any festival attendee can contribute to.

Generate at Decibel Festival 2014 from Generate App on Vimeo.

Bringing this level of video making power to mobile devices, especially in the form of a free app, is pretty remarkable. The paid version of the app adds more filters and other great features, but even the free version is a blast to use, and can create some mind blowing content. And Generate recently announced the integration of the Adobe Creative SDK, which allows users to bring Generate content into their Adobe Creative Cloud account and into Adobe's desktop tools:

"With the recent addition of Adobe’s Creative SDK, now you can share your Generate creations to your Adobe Creative Cloud account. This powerful capability lets you edit media between desktop and mobile seamlessly. This connection allows Generate’s accessible mobile editing platform to sync with Adobe’s powerful and professional creative tools. Currently Generate has implemented image sharing only, but very soon other media sharing options will also be possible. Further editing features between Generate and the Creative Cloud will continue to unfold in a truly exciting development for the future of creativity."

Generate from Generate App on Vimeo.

EDM.com will be working with Generate on a number of future projects, and we're excited to see our fans start using the app!

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