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EDM.com Spotlight

Pierce Fulton Brings New Single To Life With In-Studio Performance [VIDEO]

Electronic dance music might have been generated by instruments suited with buttons, knobs, and switches at first, but today there is a growing culture of artists that are taking a unique and "hybrid" approach to creating their art, providing a breathe of fresh air to the "press play" scene we seem to inhabit today.

Within this generation of genre-bridging multi-instrumentalists stands Pierce Fulton, a Los Angeles-based artist that is well-versed in traditional instruments and frequently incorporates them into his creative routine in the studio.

For his latest release "No More", an energetic and driving house track, Pierce Fulton showcases his talents as a guitarist, pianist, sampler, and drummer, and further demonstrates his organic process with an exclusive video of him jamming to the tune in the studio. The two minute clip proves once again that there is a lot more than meets the eye for many producers in the scene today, and Pierce Fulton is certainly no exception.

Check out the video below, and take a listen to the full stream of the track after the jump!

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