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Disabled Dancers Learn To Dive For Inspiring Underwater Show [VIDEO]

The Drops of Breath show is the first dance performance of its kind. This inspiring, conceptual show abandons dry land to take choreography and visual arts under the sea. The dance, which took two over two years to develop, was performed this summer at Grecotel Attica beach and resort in Cape Sounio, which is located about 80 kilometers south of Athens, Greece.

To witness the performance, viewers had to watch the live screening on the beach or else join the Greek dance group for an ocean dive. The stage, a 12-foot circle adorned with African symbols, sat on the ocean floor while original music compositions were played through speakers suspended underwater.

Pulling off such a performance involved some unique challenges to say the least, from learning and using scuba equipment to working around weather conditions. So what inspired the group to turn the ocean floor into their stage?

"...dancing in water enables our participants to move and interact in a way they simply cannot on land," said Apostolia Papadamaki, the project leader who also has experience organizing for the Paralympics in Greece.

The majority of the dance crew is physically handicapped, mentally disabled or both. Requiring impressive rhythmic coordination, synchronization and gracefulness, the dance tells the story of humanity's evolution and changing relationship with the natural world. It carries powerful messages of hope and connectedness as it inspires us to reflect on humanity's roles and responsibilities even amidst limitations.

Watch the historical performance for yourself in the video below...

Source: Irish Examiner

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