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EDM.com Spotlight

Why Seeing Skrillex Angry is so Satisfying (and so Heartbreaking)

The online EDM community erupted on Halloween night, after a Twitter feud between Skrillex and deadmau5 was captured with screenshots and reposted across blogs and social media. Skrillex was playing Pier of Fear in New York City while deadmau5 was over in LA for Hard Day of the Dead.

Of course social media immediately unleashed a torrent of fans cheering and hating on both sides. But knee-jerk reactions aside, this is sort of a big deal. Deadmau5 is (in)famous for his twitter trolling and general internet shit-starting, but seeing Skrillex descend into the fray is shocking.

Though he's perpetually been the target of haters and hipsters, Skrillex has never fired back at his critics; he has always taken the high road. His tone in interviews and on social media is consistently positive, and he's always avoided public drama. Sonny has managed to hold up as the ultimate good guy: Humble, authentic and value-driven. The feud showed the world a side of him that we don't often see, an angry (probably drunk) human with raw, unfiltered emotions. So it's hard to not relish the moment, to see a larger than life good guy come down to earth for once, to see that he is just as human as any of us.

But on the flip side, it's heartbreaking to see our heroes fall to our level. In a scene with too many massive egos and drama seeking attention whores, we need figures like Skrillex who are seemingly immune to the bullshit. His unwavering positivity and humility are inspiring, so it hurts to see him come down to the level of petty Twitter drama. What do you think? Is it reassuring to see the raw, imperfect human side of Skrillex? Or is it sad to see such an inspiring figure get caught up in stupid drama?

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