EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Turn Your Thoughts Into Electronic Music

Lithuanian sound artist Aiste Noreikaite has created a helmet that detects the wearer's brain waves, and turns them into electronic music. That's right, this helmet allows you to listen to the music of your thoughts.

While it looks like a regular motorcycle helmet, the Experience Helmet, as it's called, is designed to bring more awareness to your thoughts or add a whole new dimension as your brain reacts to stimuli.

As your neurons fire off, an NeuroSky headset, or EEG sensor, immerses you into high and low tones that come together to make a "heady beat," as Fast Co cleverly puts it (punny, right?). Noreikaite assigned brain waves onto a frequency scale so that a relaxed and calm state of mind creates higher sounds while acute awareness creates quicker tempos.

"EEG sensor that reads user body’s natural bio-signals from the brain and outputs them as a power spectrum of alpha, beta, theta and delta waves along with eSense meters for attention and meditation... A little secret -- the sounds are configured to produce 10Hz binaural beats that enhances user's alpha brainwave pattern for the best internal feeling & sensations." - aistenoreikaite.com

Learn more about the sound installation helmet at aistenoreikaite.com.

Photos by Natalja Safronova

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