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EDM.com Spotlight

Facebook Doesn't Approve of Phuc Dat Bich's Name, Blocks His Account

An Australian man, of Vietnamese descent named Phuc Dat Bich has had his Facebook account repeatedly shut down because of his name.

He says that he's been accused of having a "false and misleading name", which he finds very offensive. He posted an image of his passport to prove to the world that his legal name is actually Phuc Dat Bich - pronounced "Phoo Da Bic"

Hilarious as it sounds, this must be legitimately annoying for the guy. Facebook has caught heat before for their strict "real name" policy, from the LGBT community, and from a large number of people who, for safety or privacy reasons, do not want to use their legal name on their profiles. But this is the first time we've heard of Facebook blocking someone's account for actually using their legal name.

Check out his original post below, which was posted back in January, but has recently gone viral.

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