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Skrillex Says Some Surprising Things About Working with Bieber on 'Purpose'

EDM fans may hate seeing Skrillex and Justin Bieber's names together, but it seems that the more that is learned about their collaborations, the harder it is to be so negative.

In a recent interview with NME, Skrillex spoke about the fact that he really was inspired when he heard what Justin and Blood Diamonds were working on. You can bash Skrillex all you want for working with Bieber, but Sonny saw an opportunity to do something he's never done before, to push himself as a producer.

“If you hear something that inspires you musically, you just want to be a part of it... I love working with different people because it forces me to do something new creatively instead of repeating the same work over and over again.”

Skrillex's descriptions of working with Bieber on the Purpose album reveal that the pop singer is taking more responsibility for his music and his career.

"I think this was the first record where Justin felt part of a bigger world. Songwriting teams were giving him help all the time, but then on this new record, it sounded like he wanted to step up and do it on his own and he had a lot of questions, and Kanye and I were two of those people that he sought advice from."

The process of making this pop record was uniquely organic and offered more creative freedom than one would assume, Skrillex explained.

“I just came into the studio with some beats that I had made and Justin just freestyled over them. It was just me and him in the room and that was it. A lot of times when pop records are made, there are a lot of politics involved, but when we did it, there was no pressure and we were able to make things from scratch.

Finally, Skrillex spoke highly of Bieber's passion and work ethic, saying he was impressed and developed respect for the pop singer's attitude and conviction.

“He was just so involved with the creative process. He was so anxious for this record to be done. He didn’t slack off and go ‘whatever’ and say ‘fuck it! I’m gonna be famous and rich and not give a shit about the record’. He spent a lot of hours perfecting vocals and mixes."

Skrillex shared that his favorite song from the album is "Children" because of the message it carries as well as its "subtle production"; check it out below. Head over to NME.com to read the interview in full.

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