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Mark Cuban Has Exactly 2 F--ks, and $30K to Give

Billionaire businessman/TV personality/philanthropist Mark Cuban had a hilarious moment being interviewed after his charity benefit League of Legends show match at Intel's Extreme Masters San Jose this past weekend.

During the pre-match interview he and his competitor, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich got into some heated trash talking, and Cuban dropped an f-bomb. In the post match interview, the host let Cuban know that he was to be fined $15k for the transgression. She told him "So I've just been informed that you've actually been fined $15,000 and it's okay though because it's going to a good cause. It's going to Cybersmile. Do you take back the 'f bomb'? Or you standing by it?" And he responded "So if I say it again, I have to pay another 15k?" She replied "Yeah, you want to up it to 30,000?". And, being Mark Cuban, his response was "Fuck it."

The whole thing feels like it may have been staged, but it's a good moment nonetheless.

The whole event was to raise money for the Cybersmile Foundation, which combats cyberbullying. Check out the video below:

Source: PC Gamer

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