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EDM.com Spotlight

A New Entry Into the Streaming Music World

The popular freemium file transfer site WeTransfer.com is set to announce their entrance into the field of streaming music services, though their approach will be a bit different as compared to Spotify or Apple Music.

WeTransfer currently serves 85 million users per month, and hopes to grow this user base dramatically by featuring free streaming music and video users can watch/listen to while their files are uploading or downloading. Some major artists including Disclosure, Prince and Big Grams (Big Boi and Phantogram) have already released songs/videos on the site, and with the new announcement set to happen Wednesday November 25th, that list is set to expand significantly. Maarten Kadiks, a marketing executive for WeTransfer had this to say: “We’re using music to put us on the map... Six years ago we started out in Europe, and that is where we see the biggest amount of users. The U.S. is taking over in terms of growth.”

WeTransfer is positioning itself to act more as a competitor to Soundcloud, rather than Apple Music or Spotify, as they expect artists to use it as a place to release mixes, workes in progress, and music videos, rather than full albums. And they have no plans to monetize the streaming music or video content, simply using it as a way to promote their paid premium file transfer service.

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