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Physician and DJ Has Some Rave Tips [VIDEO]

DJ Flubbel is a hardstyle producer/DJ from the Netherlands, who is also a medical doctor. He made a video listing 5 simple but effective ways to protect yourself from harm at EDM events.

The video makes some great common sense points, that are too often ignored by EDM fans. Number 1 is close to my heart, as I have too many friends who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus. I never got to a club or festival without good hearing protection, and at least a couple of backup pairs in case I lose mine or a friend needs a pair. There are some great options for hearing protection that don't muffle the clarity or frequency response of the music, but just reduce the volume to a safer level. Number 2 is the best advice as far as substances are concerned - but if you do choose to ignore it, know your source, use a testing kit, and make sure your friends know what you've taken so in the event of an emergency, paramedics will know what they are dealing with.

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