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What is the Absolute Best Adele 'Hello' Remix? [POLL]

Adele's triumphant return with her new album, 25, is making history. After its release on November 20th, the album has already sold 3 million copies, and the single "Hello" has received more than 500 million views, breaking all sorts of records. Adele seems to be achieving the impossible, as she is arguably bringing back CDs, an obsolete record medium that has nearly become extinct.

As Adele continues to take over, the tsunami of EDM remixes is well underway. So we want to know... which do you think is the best "Hello" remix? Listen to our four favorites below and then tell us in the poll which remix you think tops them all. Or, tell us in a comment on Facebook a favorite that didn't make the list (we could only pick 4 - lame, we know).


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