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Rebel Radio Ep. 24: Steve Rennie - How to Get The Money

How to Get the Money - A Rebel's Story

Steve Rennie says he’s an outlier on my show. He’s a rock guy, and maybe not as young as some of our guests. But check it: This dude knows his shit and he’s not afraid to be generous about giving up the game.

As the host of the RenmanMB YouTube channel and podcast, and of the online academy Renman U, Rennie mentors young music industry hopefuls and offers a “degree” in the business to inspire the next generation of musicians and executives. He got to this point after a successful run as a concert promoter, artist manager, and record man, and is all too happy to share the nuggets of wisdom he picked up along the way.

In our interview, Rennie explains what’s behind his motto “Fuck the Gatekeepers” and how he puts that to work in his own business. He explains why real artists need to “Get the Money,” and he shares the secret to his success: “I quit six times a week and start seven.” In other words, keep showing up.

You’re gonna love this episode. If you don’t, there’s something wrong with you.

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