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Former SHM Member Explains Why He Wouldn't Work with Bieber

Having already achieved incredible success as a member of the former supergroup Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello had different goals for his debut solo album, Wild Youth, which is being released in two different chapters. He expounded on the vision for his artist debut in a recent interview with MTV.

In order to leave a mark on the world that he could be truly proud of, Angello sought to create a more meaningful album. The 33-year-old Greek and Swedish DJ wanted to write a story, not a hit. Angello seems to be trying to prove to himself that he can be more than just a famous DJ while also proving that EDM has been and can be about more than just a party.

"I sat down with a piece of paper and thought, what’s my story? What do I wanna talk about? I think that was a different aspect for me because I’ve made songs my whole life that have just been for partying and creating a vibe on the dance floor."

Angello's perspective seems to be pointing to what could be a shift currently happening in EDM. As the sparkle of big room house continues to fade amongst mainstream listeners, an increasing number of both artists and fans seem to be looking for music with more purpose. While Angello is one of now many producers who have been quoted deploring the current state of EDM, he acknowledges that this pointless.

"Me going on a rant on social media about dance music isn’t gonna change anything unless I do. I have that approach, I’d rather put my head down and go and work my ass off and then I can release music that has substance instead."

Angello hopes to highlight the value and integrity that dance music can carry with his own artistic contribution. And when he set those intentions, his manager Scooter Braun - who also oversees the careers of such pop stars including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Martin Garrix - apparently knew that suggesting a collab with a high profile name like Bieber would not be appropriate.

"No, I mean, he knows I would never do that, I don’t think [Scooter Braun] would ever ask me. At the same time they appreciate the work that we put into it and they understand the craft of it, where this is a life story, this is something that I’ve been trying to tell people for my whole life and now I’ve finally got to the time where I can tell it so for them it’s equally interesting with just having something with a lot of substance than just pushing one radio record."

I think we have to be careful here not to assume that Angello is downplaying Bieber's work or those producers who have worked with the pop singer; rather, the former Mafia member could simply be saying that the story of the album would be lost with such a move because it would draw a great deal of attention to only one of its records.

Chapter 1 of Wild Youth is now available, and chapter 2 is slated to drop on January 22.

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