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CNN Host Lisa Ling Confesses She Was A Drug-Taking Raver

Lisa Ling, 42, is the host of This is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN and was formerly the host of Our America with Lisa Ling on The Oprah Winfrey Network as well as a former co-host of ABC's The View. Earlier today, the well-regarded journalist published a biographical report professing: "I was a 90's Rave Queen."

"Those who knew me in the '90s during my party days are often able to do a particular impression of me while at a rave. It goes something like this: massive, ear-to-ear grin, teeth gleaming and eyes that read total bliss.

It was the look of someone really high."

After demanding attention with this quick and dirty confession, she quickly digresses to properly paint the whole picture of her young self. Ling explains that throughout her "party days," she remained a focused and ambitious hard worker, starting on a path to a serious journalism job at only 16 years old. She paid her own way through private university and was already reporting from war zones before she even earned a degree.

Ling's demanding work schedule and lofty career goals, however, were never derailed by her raving, which she described as "a recreational outlet." While alcohol and pot consumption never quite appealed to Ling, the rave scene of the 90’s with its immersive music, secret warehouse parties and instant-euphoric vibe became a much-needed escape from the everyday rigors of life.

Recounting the first time she was ever offered ecstasy, Ling says that close friends - which she respected, trusted and deemed responsible people - assured her it wasn't addictive. This was enough for her, at the time.

"When the drug kicked in, an incomparable feeling of joy overwhelmed my senses. Worries fluttered away and euphoria filled my soul and my heart. The intense beats of the electronic music penetrated every part of my body."

Looking back, Ling concedes that this was careless because she and her friends did not consider the risks involved with not knowing exactly what was in the "E" tablets they popped each time.

"I was young, but I had no excuse not to know."

Ling's new episode "This is Life with Lisa Ling: Electronic Woodstock" where she follows the vigilante group the Bunk Police as they smuggle in drug tests to Mysteryland will air tomorrow at 9pm EST on CNN.

Source: cnn.com

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