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A Mother's Plea: My Son Didn't Want to Die at a Music Festival

After Adriana Buccianti lost her son to drugs at an Australian music festival in 2012, she continued to read news reports of parents having to endure similar tragedies. She decided it was time to take a stance. Instead of turning to zero tolerance policies or EDM bans, Buccianti believes that the only way to actually prevent drug-related deaths is through drug-checking services.

"I abhor the drugs that took my boy. But the reality is, we can't always stop people taking illegal drugs. But we can end the use of drugs that kill by implementing drug checking services – that tells people exactly what is in the substance and how to manage the risk... The drug Daniel took wasn't what he thought it was, and it killed him."

Buccianti therefore launched a petition on Change.org titled "My son didn't want to die at a music festival. Let's keep our kids alive," which asks Australian politicians Mike Baird and Daniel Andrews to implement drug-testing services at music festivals this summer.

Her progressive position after losing her son is shared by many others that realize the ineffectiveness of zero tolerance policies, and her petition has already gained significant support with other 2,200 signatures.

To read more about her son's death and to sign the petition, click the link below:

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