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Skrillex Explains What Makes an Artist, Responds to EDM Bubble Bursting

Skrillex tried something new with his remix of GTA's "Red Lips" by releasing it with a sci-fi-meets-psychological-thriller music video. During interviews with Zane Lowe and with Pitchfork, Sonny talks about the video as well as how he thinks about music creation, why he chooses to work on certain projects and what he thinks about the future of EDM. Check out highlights from both interviews below...

Citing such acts as marshmello and Barely Alive, Sonny explains in his conversation with Lowe that what makes an artist is the choice to commit to a distinct artistic angle.

"That's the hardest, ballsiest thing to do as an artist is to commit to something new and create a consistent idea and story... especially as a computer producer, you literally can make any type of music, and that's the hardest part - that's what makes the artist, is the choice."

When talking about working with Bieber, he clarifies his decision to work on the pop star's new album, Purpose.

"...I got a lot of backlash from some of my fans because they think like, this is a money thing... I make more money DJing, if you want to talk about it. It's not about money. It's a lot of work doing records. You're taking the backseat for someone else. It's the same reason why I like to do movie scoring... you don't make any money doing that. It's a passion thing."

Listen to the full interview with Lowe below..

In the interview with Pitchfork, Sonny explains his take on the popular perception that EDM is on its way out, explaining that trends come and go, but it's the artist behind the genre or trend that can either produce cookie-cutter tracks or timeless music that impacts culture.

"...as far as EDM goes—I'm talking about DJs—there's been a wave right now and you can ride on it. But a platform is really arbitrary when it comes to an artist. An artist creates songs and timeless moments that are reflections that impact culture, and you can do that in any way—with guitars, ukelele, a computer. So, that will never die. It’s always the artist behind the computer, not the computer. You just told me yourself you can tell it’s a Skrillex remix, but there is a lot of music out there that you can play side by side and you can’t hear the personality—that has a timeline on it, for sure."

He goes on to explain that trends in music come and go in every genre, and you'll always have people trying to copy sounds to fit in. Skrillex uses the fact that he doesn't get the same responses at festivals like EDC and Tomorrowland as he does at multi-genre festivals as an example of how sounds or types of music are also associated with cultures.

"It’s also a cultural thing. It goes back to who's pushing music in whatever genre. It always comes back to the individual and the attention in how you can connect with the music, you know?"

Check out Skrillex's video below, and then read the full interview with Pitchfork here: http://pitchfork.com/news/62308-skrillex-talks-abo...

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