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Dance Music Community Mourns the Loss of One of its Oldest Ravers

English producer and DJ Eats Everything of UK based label Dirtybird took to Facebook this week to pay tribute to a special fan after word surfaced that she had passed away. The woman, Joan, made waves in the UK dance music community after becoming well known as one of its oldest proponents. Eats Everything's celebration of Joan's life as a stand-out figure in their local scene comes as a touching memorial to a life lived without bounds.

At the time of her death, Joan was 96 years old. She had come to love dance music after seeing legendary DJ Pete Tong live at the Savannah Nightclub and was an avid fan of his weekly show. EDM became a source of great joy after her husband died over a decade ago, and Joan went on to become well known in her local dance music scene, due in no small part to her age, which starkly contrasts the core audience usually associated with dance music.

Other ravers took to the Facebook post to share stories about encounters with Joan and her daughter, who were both recognizable fans within their local dance music community. One Facebook user commented on the time he met Joan.

"The other lady (in the image at the top of the post) is her daughter I met them at mint club Leeds, I had lost my ticket! And they had a spare let me have it and wouldn't take a penny legends RIP Joan x."

Joan's story is proof that you're only as old as you feel, and that dance music isn't just a young person's game. Few people exemplify living life to the fullest as well as Joan did, and her story is an inspiration to music lovers everywhere.

Check out Dirtybird's post below:

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