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EDM.com Spotlight

Long Before It Was A Party Drug, MDMA Was Medicine. Here's Why

A segment from the health talk show The Drs, which shows a woman in the process of MDMA therapy, is gaining traction on social media. While medical research on MDMA is nothing new, it's a side of the infamous drug that is rarely shown. The clip documents a short portion of the therapy session, as the patient speaks about overcoming fear while under an MDMA induced trance, as the therapist helps her work through her mental blockages.

The segment from The Drs showing MDMA therapy in action breaks down many of our preconceptions regarding ecstasy as an illicit drug with no medical benefit. We're accustomed to the common image of drug addled ravers dancing the night away, and a consistent stream of headlines reporting overdoses.

The video forces us to view ecstasy in a new light, as we see a trained professional administering the drug for therapeutic reasons and the breakthroughs the patient seems to be achieving.

Watch the video below:

Check out the full clip on YouTube:

For more detailed coverage of MDMA assisted therapy clinical trials, and the fight to make MDMA available as a prescription medicine, head over to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)


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