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EDM.com Spotlight

Facebook Adds New Music Features

Facebook is rolling out a new feature this week that sees the popular social media platform introducing new music streaming abilities for users. The new feature gives users the ability to create "Music Stories", allowing you to share 30 second snapshots of your favorite songs from top streaming services Spotify or Apple Music. If other users are engaged by a Music Story in their timeline, they will have the ability to add it to their streaming accounts.

Facebook had previously tried to integrate a feature into their platform in 2011 by allowing users to share music they listened to on Spotify, though the previous feature failed to gain traction. The social media platform has made several additions over the last year to get more media content on the site, and their latest effort with Music Stories will give users the ability to socialize their musical interests of the moment.

Facebook's goal with Music Stories is to make music an integral element of the Facebook experience, and the platform intends to include more streaming services in addition to Spotify and Apple Music in the future.

Check out the video below to see the new feature in action...

[H/T: Billboard]

[Image Credit: Impulso]

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