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Theorem From Two 17 Year Olds Could Lead To Interstellar Travel

Two seventeen year old teenagers have developed a mathematical theorem that may create the possibility of interstellar travel. Xuming Liang and Ivan Zelich discovered each other online when they realized they were both attempting to solve the same problem, and the two began collaborating together to achieve their goal. Zelich and Liang worked in shifts due to the fact that they live in different time zones, and one would pick up where the other finished when it was time to clock off.

Zelich explains the working relationship between he and Liang, and reveals why they complimented each other so well.

"I found out we were both working on the same problem at the same time but he was more geared towards one side of the geometry and I was more geared towards the algebraic and string theory side."

Zelich, who commented that the main purpose of the theorem is "understanding the structures of the universe," elaborated on how it applies to intergalactic travel.

"The theorem will contribute to our understanding of intergalactic travel because string theory predicts existence shortcuts in space, or so-called "wormholes" to cut through space."

The two teens have gone on to become the youngest contributors to the International Journal of Geometry, after their theorem was written about in the journal.

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