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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Goes Back To High School To Give Students Advice

Canadian EDM superstar deadmau5 took a break from the troll tirades and twitter beefs this week to speak to students at Milton District High School. And for once, he actually had something positive to say. Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, spoke with the students about how he got his start, while encouraging them to be creative.

Zimmerman talked about the importance of face to face networking, suggesting that aspiring musicians get off social media and start shaking some hands.

"The most important connections I made were made in real life. I went to radio stations, 'Can I intern here?'"

He recalled his first time making it to the radio, composing a short jingle for a Jiffy Lube ad.

"That was so empowering, hearing it on the radio, and then someone said to me ‘How much did you get for that? And I was like 'Ah, nothing, experience.'"

During the talk, Zimmerman commented on his biggest piece of advice for aspiring musicians.

"My biggest advice to people who want to become rock stars is…don’t even shoot for that, unplug from social media, get off Twitter, get off Instagram and start learning the tools. Music is the most subjective thing you could possibly do."

Lastly, Zimmerman explained his reasons for wanting to speak for the high school students.

"I like sharing my experiences, not necessarily that I like teaching, because I don't, I hate it, I get frustrated. I enjoy sharing my experiences in the hopes that somebody benefits from that in some way."

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