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EDM.com Spotlight

Inspected's Movember Release is Everything I Love About EDM

Every year KOAN Sound, Culprate, and Asa come together with a guest artist friend, to create a new original tune for Movember. If you aren't familiar with Movember, it's an international fund-raising and awareness campaign to support charities that focus on mens health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancer. If you see guy friends with unexpected moustaches this month, they are probably supporting Movember.

This year the Inspected alumni dream team brought in New Zealand's funk master Opiuo to create the single If You Hadn't:

"Opiuo’s skillish styles were snagged by KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa during his European tour earlier this year. Setting up a temporary studio in Bristol, the five men spent several days creating this sublime slice of electronica. Soft focus sounds like raindrops meandering down a window pane; tones and textures gather momentum as each artist adds their trademark evocative, melodic touch and arrangement dynamic. Delicately layered with dreamy textures, it’s still rooted to the floor as each bulbous beat swings us into the future…."

This is the 4th year they've carried on the tradition, and every single tune that's come out of it has been stellar. The first Inspected Movember release back in 2012, Beyond the Shadows, still stands among my favorite tunes of all time, any genre.

In addition to releasing the single as a pay-what-you-want, and donating 100% of the proceeds to the charity, they shot a short video of their time hanging together and working the studio.

Artist friends collaborating to create gorgeous, genre-defying music, to raise money and spread awareness for a great cause. Does it get any better?

"KOAN Sound, Asa and Culprate aren’t blessed with the right whiskers to grow a decent mo, investing serious time into creating a beautiful piece of music is their special way of highlighting the important cause."

Head over to the Inspected Bandcamp page to grab a copy and support the cause!

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