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Mysteryland Announces Major Changes For 2016 Event

Mysteryland announced some pretty major news yesterday, revealing the final dates for their upcoming 2016, as well as announcing that they will be making some adjustments to their minimum age requirement. Shifting away from their usual Memorial Day Weekend time slot, Mysteryland will kick off later in the summer, spanning four days from June 10-13.

In addition to the switch in times, likely due to the high volume of competing festivals taking place in that same time slot, Mysteryland has announced that they will be lowering their minimum age requirement from 21 to 19, opening up their doors to a whole slew of new faces.

The east coast festival has tended to run the reputation of one of EDM's more adult events, and the change in age requirement will surely draw in new fans. Camping at the festival will continue to remain a 21 and up affair.

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