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EDM.com Spotlight

VICE's New 24-Hour Cable Channel is a Game Changer [WATCH]

Cultural hub VICE unveiled their latest venture this week, announcing VICELAND, a 24-hour cable channel featuring nonstop programming that is utterly captivating. VICE has been the source behind thousands of videos and documentaries over the last several years, and their new channel will continue to bring viewers the content they find fascinating, important, funny or straight-up strange. After months of development, including months of shooting and editing, VICE is preparing to unleash the cable channel soon.

Spike Jonze, who has been working to help make VICELAND a reality, commented on the new channel.

"It feels like most channels are just a collection of shows. We wanted VICELAND to be different, to feel like everything on there has a reason to exist and a strong point of view. Our mission with the channel is not that different from what our mission is as a company: It's us trying to understand the world we live in by producing pieces about things we're curious about, or confused about, or that we think are funny."

To build hype for the new channel, Vice has rolled out a nine-minute teaser full of live music, marijuana, Ellen Paige, Action Bronson and so much more.

Watch the epic trailer below to see for yourself...

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