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EDM.com Spotlight

See GRIDI in Action: A Large-Scale MIDI Controller Installation [VIDEO]

Sound artist Yuval Gerstein just rolled out one of the coolest looking MIDI controllers we've seen in a while, rolling out GRIDI, a large-scale device designed specifically to foster the creation of musical composition among people without musical training. GRIDI is a truly enormous installation, featuring a futuristic design where users place glowing balls into divots to form an interactive musical instrument.

The device syncs up to the popular music production software Ableton Live, which integrates the MIDI data sent from GRIDI into a series of samples, which are triggered anytime someone places a ball into one of the divots. In other words, every time you place the LED illuminated balls into a hole, a different musical event occurs. By giving learners a direct musical response that actually sounds good, GRIDI can help train the musical ear and get students interested in learning more.

Watch the video below to see GRIDI in action...

[H/T: Insomniac]

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