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Romanians Protest For Justice After Tragic Nightclub Fire [VIDEO]

Around 30,000 protesters have descended upon the capitol of Romania to rally against the government and local authorities for what they view as poor handling and corruption regarding the disastrous nightclub fire that resulted in 32 people dead and another 130 hospitalized. The fire reportedly started after a pyrotechnics mishap resulted in foam decor in the venue igniting. The protest is aimed specifically at Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea and the acting mayor in the district in which the club was held.

Of the 130 people hospitalized, more than half are in serious or critical condition, and the Romanian minister of health, Raed Arafat, has commented that the death toll will likely rise - and even double - because many patients sustained prolonged exposure to toxic gasses. As of yet, justice has not been served for the victims of the horrible accident, and the protesters are calling for those responsible for the fire to be punished. It is the worst accident of it's kind in Romania's history.

Watch the video below to see the huge crowd of protesters in action...

[H/T: RevolutionNews]

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