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SXSW Drunk Driver Convicted Of Capital Murder

The driver of last year's tragic accident at SXSW has been found guilty of murder, after driving a truck into a pedestrian filled zone to evade police, a move which resulted in the deaths of four people and 20 others being injured. Rashad Owens, an aspiring rapper, caught police attention after he was seen driving without his headlights on. He fled from police, eventually breaking through a police barricade and driving up Red River Street where numerous festival goers were waiting outside clubs. He was intoxicated at the time.

Owens lawyers argued that he was unfamiliar with the city and had no intention of hurting anyone, but the prosecution refuted that, stating he"knew what he was doing — and he didn't care. He didn't care who was in his way. He was not going to be stopped. He was not going to go to jail."

Owens has been sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility for parole. In summation, the prosecution commented on the gravity of Owens' actions.

"What our community went through that night was an unbelievable tragedy, and it was no accident."

[H/T: Thump]

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