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7 Tricks To Become A Netflix Streaming Master

Thrillist recently put together an awesome list of Netflix hacks to improve your streaming life. We've gone through and picked out the best of the best to deliver seven tips and tricks that will have you streaming like a pro. Check them out below...

1. Rate it: The first step to improving your Netflix experience is to download the Netflix Enhance Suite, which will sync your account with ratings from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, and profiles from IMDB. A slew of trailers will be avaiable too, and the best part is that it's all free!

2. Go International: Due to restrictions that tag along with licensing deals in different markets, the country you're viewing Netflix in may be limiting the amount of releases available to you. Services like Hola, which is free, and the subscription based Media Hint trick Netflix into thinking you're watching from a different country, granting you access to a plethora of titles previously unavailable thanks to your current country of residence.

3. Stream at Random: The next trick works like a randomizer, giving you the option of complete surprise and lack of control over what you're going to watch. Flix Roulette makes this all possible, and it even gives you options to help narrow the field of randomization.

4. Nix Buffering: If you prefer to get your Netflix time in on your computer, here's a nifty trick that will help cut down on that pesky buffering time. When playing a show or movie, hold down Shift+Opt (Shift+Alt for Windows) then left click to open up the hidden Streaming Manager to adjust the buffering settings. Google Chrome users can hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S to access the streaming manager.

5. Shortcuts: By knowing all the necessary computer shortcuts, you can optimize your netflix experience. F enters fullscreen mode while Esc takes you out of it, the spacebar is your start/stop button, M will function as your mute/unmute switch, Shift + right arrow rewinds, while Shift + left arrow fast forwards, and PgDn pauses while PgUp plays.

6. What's On: Netflix's library is notoriously difficult to search, so you can consult What's On Netflix to improve your browsing options. The service provides a list of titles that are otherwise hard to find on a normal search, and will expand your binging options for days to come.

7. Reddit: Lastly, you can check out Reddit for more streaming suggestions. The subreddit r/netflixbestof will provide you with hours of binge-worthy treasures, complete with an active community devoted to improving your viewing habits.

[H/T: Thrillist]

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