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EDM.com Spotlight

Steve Angello Talks Streaming & Who's to Blame for Compensation Issues

Taylor Swift made headlines earlier this year when she wrote an open letter to Apple Music that basically damned online streaming, having previously withheld her catalog from Spotify's streaming service. Speaking at the annual Web Summit in Dublin this week, former Swedish House Mafioso and now boss of Size Records Steve Angello took it upon himself to dispel the fear that online streaming will drive the music industry into the ground.

After stating that downloads and online streaming are “the evolution of music services,” Angello explained his take on digital streaming's place in music consumption.

A lot of people are fighting it, but I think it’s the best thing that ever happened.

He further explained why he wants his music to be inclusive of as many audiences as possible.

"I see it as record stores -- why would I not allow a record store to release it? A 15-year-old might not to be able to afford Apple, Spotify, Tidal and Google. Why would you limit those guys from hearing your music?"

As for artists like David Byrne, Aimee Mann, Prince and others complaining that streaming platforms are stealing money from artists, Angello says, "go back and talk to [your] record labels."


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