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What's The Best Non-Skrillex 'Red Lips' Remix? [POLL]

GTA's "Red Lips" featuring Sam Bruno originally appeared on their DTG, Vol 1. EP on March 23, 2015. And thanks to a remix contest hosted by Wavo, the EDM world heard every possible take on the track. And this week, we saw the official release of one of the top remixes.

Skrillex released his highly anticipated and critically acclaimed "Red Lips" remix with a mind-blowing music video (watch below). The trailer of the video alone could rival those of horror films, giving you goosebumps with its bold imagery and psychological thriller storyline. So while we all love Skrillex's remix (and the video!), we thought it would be fun to see what everyone's favorite non-Skrillex remix of the popular track was.

Check out the four we selected and pick your favorite in the poll below. If your favorite non-Skrillex remix wasn't listed, be sure to add it in the comments on Facebook!

1. Josiah Ramel

2. MAG

3. Slander & NGHTMRE

4. Corporate Slackrs

For those that haven't seen it yet... here's Skrillex's "Red Lips" video:

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