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The Moment that Launched Daft Punk into Stardom [VIDEO]

Director Hervé Martin Delpierre takes viewers into the elusive world of EDM’s most iconic duo in Daft Punk Unchained. The documentary film took well over three years, as Delpierre dug through rare archives and talked to the French producers' closest friends and colleagues before writing the script and spending several months on filming and six months on editing alone.

"The manager of Daft Punk ... asked me not to destroy the magic of the robots." - Hervé Martin Delpierre (Rolling Stone)

The documentary premiered on Showtime in December 2015. One of the highlights of the documentary is when ex-manager Pedro Winter and music journalist Michaelangelo Matos recount the 2006 Coachella performance that launched Daft Punk into the limelight and marked the first appearance of their groundbreaking pyramid stage design.

"No one had seen anything like that… No one had seen that level of production. Everybody who was in the tent was texting everybody else: 'You are missing this! This is the greatest thing I've ever seen! You're missing the greatest performance of all time,'" Matos said.

Read Rolling Stone's full interview with director Hervé Martin Delpierre on the documentary at rollingstone.com, and then watch the highlight in the clip that was exclusively released ahead of the documentary by Rolling Stone below.