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You May Need to Pay to Hear New Music From Your Favorite Artists

When artists like Taylor Swift complained the freemium model was devaluing artists’ work, Spotify consistently claimed that its freemium model does lead to more paid subscription signups.

Artists receive roughly 10 times more from paid user streams than from those using the free service. Spotify's statements continue to reflect that the company stands by the free service option.

"[We're] 100 percent committed to our model because we believe that a free, ad-supported tier combined with a more robust premium tier is the best way to deliver music to fans," Jonathan Prince, a Spotify spokesman, told Huffington Post.

But as artists and labels push Spotify for higher compensation per stream, the platform is considering allowing artists to offer exclusive content to paid subscribers, similar to Jay Z's TIDAL. The platform has reportedly expressed "willingness to test out different ways of releasing music, according to two people familiar with such talks."

The idea is that reserving content would either encourage users of the free service to upgrade to the $10-per-month subscription or increase album sales as listeners may choose to just buy the album instead of a subscription. Spotify apparently experimented with Muse's 10-minute track "The Globalist," offering it initially to only paying customers although it is now freely available. An exclusive release was also considered for Coldyplay’s 7th studio album A Head Full of Dreams, which dropped on December 4, but the motion never went through and it hit both the free and paid tiers simultaneously.

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