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EDM.com Spotlight

We've Heard About Some Odd Ticket Trades, but this Takes the Cake

Most EDM fans that attend a fair amount of events have made their way to Craigslist at least once on a last minute or broke-budget ticket quest. And many have also either encountered or heard about some pretty funny EDM-related Craigslist posts, but this one might just might get the award for strangest ticket offer.

One Australian ticket-holder is offering two passes to the sold out Knockout Circuz electronic dance music event in Sydney for $130 each but there's a catch...

This bargainer is taking advantage of the high demand. He wants you to cook him breakfast and lose at a game of Mario Kart, among a few other requests. Notice the disclaimer at the bottom dismissing any suspicion of fetish motivations or other creepy intentions.

The Knockout Circuz on December 12 features two arenas of non-stop hardstyle, UK hardcore and hardcore madness with headliners including Bioweapon, Technoboy (Classics), CODE BLACK and Wasted Penguinz.

So would you fulfill the requests in the ad below for a ticket to this sold out event? Is there a different event you might do this for? Tell us in the comments on Facebook.


Source: Mashable

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