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EDM.com Spotlight

David Guetta Has a New Club-Focused Sound [LISTEN]

David Guetta introduced a new club-focused release series titled "Pelican Project" at Amsterdam Dance Festival to coincide with the release of Listen Again, the extended version of his massively successful 2014 album Listen. Not many people are talking about the new project or the first track, a progressive trance-like number dropped nearly 27 days ago and reposted a week ago.

Guetta is the king of big room and the single biggest EDM-pop crossover and yet this song, which sees the French bigshot unexpectedly returning to an underground sound, is going completely under the radar.

Whether he wrote/produced the track or not... we want to hear what you guys think of the new club-focused direction and what it could mean for Guetta and EDM as a whole.

Is big room, progressive house on its way out? Are more underground sounds like tech and trance going to replace it? Or as Harder Blogger Faster writer Andrew Rafter puts it, "Has David Guetta's ghost producer given up on EDM?" (LOL). It should be noted that one of Guetta's new tracks on Listen Again is interestingly titled "Death to EDM".

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