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Deadmau5 to Bieber - "It's Not Your Fucking Album..." [VIDEO]

On a recent live stream on his Twitch channel Deadmau5 explained some of his thoughts that lead to the Twitter beef with Skrillex over Halloween weekend.

The video started as a review of the film The Zero Theorem, but a fan comment sparked the discussion of Justin Bieber and Skrillex. As always, Joel pulls no punches, laying into Bieber and the whole world of pop music. We transcribed some of the most relevant pieces of his rant below, but check out the full video yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments.

We've got an editorial response coming tomorrow, discussing this whole topic in greater detail, so check back for that!

[Excerpts from our transcription]

What do you mean Justin Bieber's new record is fire? You mean, the record that Justin Bieber's on, that has his name on it, that he hired other fucking people to do is fire? Yeah, I can accept that okay, I can accept that his album is probably good… that's… I have no qualms with that. I know decent production when I hear it, I'm not, that's not what I'm mad about. What I'm mad about is that none of it is this little fucking dickhead's. Do you get what I'm saying? 'This is my album' No it's not your fucking album, it's… it's Skrillex's fucking album. It's fucking, god knows who's album, it's this guys album, and you going 'hum hah hum hah'. Not even to shit you even wrote, cuz it fucking took you four other guys to write that too. You're just a little meat puppet dude. And, that's what irritates me, that's what gets my fucking goat… Ya get it, ya know what I mean? Like, so it's not that I'm, I hate Skrillex and I hate the shit he does, and nah nah nah nah. I hate that he allowed himself to be a goddamned tool for someone else.

Fuck man, 'listen to my new album'. What did you do? Oh you sang on it… okay, okay, well you know what I can credit you, for having, to be able to hold a pitch on two syllables throughout an entire 75 minute long fucking album. If that's the credit you deserve, then that's the credit you're gonna fucking get. But, you didn't make any of this fucking shit. You just basically jumped into a shit hot fucking scene, which is the trappy, dubsteppy, wah Diplo, nah nah nah thing, and you just fucking took it, and you Will-I-Am'd it. And they let you do it! That's what pisses me off, that's what makes me an angry Twitter guy when it comes to those fucking dudes… they let them do it.

This is the sense of empowerment that I get as a musician, this is what I get out of this: is that I can go in that fucking studio, and click and make things, and sample and play synths, and sequence shit, midi stuff, and then I can put together a whole fucking song, just doing that… And you've all seen me fucking do it, ya know what I mean? And then I can do eleven of those, and I can compile them, and I can even do the own fucking artwork for the shit, ya know and I can package it… And I can, I can take this fucking thing, and I can go 'This is me', like 'I made this, this is mine, and I, this is my fucking shit, this is what I do with my life, ya know and here, I want you to have this'.

It's not that I have a problem with dubstep, or Skrillex, or those guys that do things, it's that I have a problem that they enable themselves and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of… bullshit.

That's just my opinion man… that's just why I personally get upset about it. I'm not saying that's why everyone should get upset about it. That's just me. And I'm just that guy who has no problem fucking saying it… cuz I've already tried to ruin my career and it doesn't work.

It's sucks you can't put that in Twitter though…

Image: Screenshot from PlacidSky's YouTube video

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