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Rebel Radio Ep. 27: Mr. C - Getting Rid of Doubt

Getting Rid of Doubt - A Rebel's Story

Here’s what I loved about Mr. C:

He was a teenager in the 80s, in London, and decided he was going to be a white rapper (okay, maybe he didn’t decide to be white, but you know what I mean). He just knew he was going to succeed.

And he did. As the frontman of The Shamen, he sold tons of records with hits like “Move Any Mountain” and “Ebenezer Goode.” He toured the world, won awards and was at the forefront of the short-lived hip-house genre, and then went on to be a founder of the tech house genre and of London’s The End nightclub which was said to be among the best nights out in the world.

Now, 30 years later, he runs his label Superfreq Records, teaches transcendental meditation and connects with fans with the same spirit of that teenager. He just know it’s all going to work.

That’s not to say he doesn’t take the work very seriously. To hear him tell it, he sees his job as less about selling records and more about creating a magical journey that helps people celebrate life.

House fans will appreciate the old school references. Everyone can learn from Mr. C’s example of self-knowledge and sound financial decision making.

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