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Dillon Francis, Garrix, Dash Berlin & the Biggest Reunion in Recent History

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Dillon Francis Explains the Timing on the "Set Me Free" Video

Yesterday, Dillon Francis and Martin Garrix released the music video for their collab "Set Me Free" more than a year after the original release. The two producers also launched a website: dillonfrancismartingarrixfanzonenumberonefansonly.com. If you've yet to see the website launched to promote the video - it's definitely worth checking out. Every section links to a random image, gif or YouTube video. It's pure comedic genius... and honestly, would you expect anything less from Francis?! EDM's favorite funny man also took to Snapchat to explain the delay with this video...

Dash Berlin DJ Drops Powerful Music Video Chronicling Daughter's Life

Jeffrey Sutorius, the DJ and frontman for the Dutch trance project Dash Berlin teamed up with Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester to create a poignant music video and an EDM first. The time-lapse video, set to Dash Berlin's single "I Take Care," carries a potent message about being present as it captures Sutorius' daughter's coming of age from birth to her teenage years through little clips captured every week of the first 16 years of her life.

"Everybody knows the feeling; life moving too fast to comprehend. We’re always online, always in a hurry and even when our friends are with us in the same room, we still check our Facebook every two seconds on our mobile phones. And then an idea comes along that makes us all wonder what happened to us. How did we get this old this soon and how could we forget to stand still and look around us for a little longer? Why did we not remember that the greatest gift of all is to be truly present around our loved ones? It is this very message that’s behind Dash Berlin’s latest video.

When the DJ came in contact with the work of Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester he was so moved by his art that he decided to share it with his fans. Hofmeester filmed a short segment of his daughter Lotte every week, starting shortly after her birth, through to the present at age 16, resulting in an unique time-lapse portraying the coming of age of a young girl. The song that accompanies the footage is Dash Berlin's latest collaboration with French artist Clément Bcx. 'I Take Care' is a simple, yet heartfelt song that tells us not to worry, but to be happy instead. And happiness lives only in the here and now."

Pendulum RETURNS, Marking EDM's Biggest Reunion in Recent History

After three years of back and forth about whether Pendulum would ever reunite to grace the stage once again for a live performance and a recent surprise DJ set, the pioneering drum and bass group has officially announced a reunion. The group's social media pages were changed earlier today, teasing fans with the message to "Stay tuned for important news." Just hours later, Ultra Music Festival released the first phase of its 2016 lineup with the legendary group billed as "Pendulum RETURNS," marking one of EDM's biggest reunions in recent history.

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