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EDM.com Spotlight

The Biggest EDM Reunion in Years is Scheduled for Ultra 2016

Since the announcement of their hiatus at the beginning of 2012, it was not clear whether Pendulum would ever reunite to grace the stage once again for a live performance. During a 2014 Knife Party Reddit AMA, Rob Swire expressed he "lost heart for the project," didn't have any interest in making a new album and that fans should not get their hopes up for a live band tour. A surprise Pendulum DJ set at V Festival in August of this year, however, reignited hope.

Well after three years of back and forth, the pioneering drum and bass group officially announced a reunion yesterday.

The group's social media pages were changed earlier yesterday, teasing fans with the message to "Stay tuned for important news." Just hours later, Ultra Music Festival revealed the first phase of its 2016 lineup with the legendary group billed as "Pendulum RETURNS," marking one of EDM's biggest reunions in recent history.

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