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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Countries, 5 Producers, 1 Track - The Universal Language of Music [VIDEO]

Electric is a 30-minute documentary film that looks at music as both a universal language and a form of individual expression that is inevitably impacted by culture and environment. Created by Thump in conjunction with Smirnoff Sound Collective, the film documents five producers from around the world who all take on the same song - Kiesza and Djemba Djemba's "Give It To the Moment."

Laura Jones - the UK
Toy Selectah - Mexico
Kosmo Kat - Japan
Cassian - Australia
Nozinja - South Africa

As each producer creates their remix, interpreting the song through a unique lens shaped by different experiences and backgrounds, the documentary becomes a testimonial to music's powerful ability to transcend borders while simultaneously remaining a personal source of deep resonance and connection.

Check out each take on the track and watch them unfold in the full 30-minute documentary...

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