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Put Your Damn Phone Away and Dance

We've all been there. Get to the show early, get a great spot in the middle near the front. Headliner you've been dying to see comes on. Dude standing in front of you decides that instead of watching the show live in three dimensional space, you should watch it through the 5 inch screen of his phone.

Thanks to Yondr, this could be a thing of the past. They make soft, light, locking cases that venues or performers can require attendees to use. Before entering the event, attendees are required to put their phone in the Yondr case, which automatically locks - and stays locked until you leave the designated area.

This could certainly be a boon for dance music fans who are tired of iPhone videographers blocking the view and hogging space on the dancefloor, but it's also very attractive to artists. The idea is to create a vibe that is more focused and intimate, where people don't have the constant distraction of their phones, and instead stay immersed in the present experience. It also gives performers more control of their content, because it would prevent unauthorized recording of music, visuals, speeches, or comedy routines from being uploaded to the internet and distributed. Comedian Dave Chappelle recently partnered with Yondr to create cell phone free comedy shows, during his run of Chicago performances.

What do you think? Would you be willing to temporarily give up your phone for a night of comedy, or night of music?

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