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EDM.com Spotlight

Attending Shows Sober? Photojournalist Shares His Experience

Adam Straughn, a photojournalist and contributer over at Live For Live Music recently posted a story documenting what he learned attending concerts 100% sober for a full month.

There are certainly plenty of music fans who go to shows sober, but they are generally in the minority - and for many folks, drinking or taking drugs is the default when going out. For someone who has at least a few drinks whenever they go out, it can be hard to imagine going to a show sober.

"Humans have been getting wild and dancing to music since the dawn of time, but what happens when you go to a show without relying on your substance of choice to ensure your happiness?"

That's the question that Adam sought to answer with his experiment, which he cleverly dubbed "No-vember". His conclusions will be obvious to the sober partying crowd, but some of them may be surprising to those who go hard with booze or drugs at every show. He found that he could in fact have fun at shows totally sober - but he was more critical of the music, and had a harder time enjoying the events if the music was sub-par. He also found that he saved a lot of money he would have spent on booze, didn't lose his keys or phone or wallet once, and noticed a substantial improvement in his overall health.

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If you've had good - or bad experiences partying sober, let us know in the comments!

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