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We Are All Stoner Sloth Sometimes [VIDEO]

Apparently the creators of this PSA have never been to the internet before. Or maybe they were just high when they made it.

The government of New South Whales, Australia recently released an anti-weed PSA depicting pot smoking teenagers as oversized, dim-witted sloths - who make sad Chewbacca noises. Yes, really.

This might be the worst PSA ever, if we are judging on it's effectiveness at stopping teenagers from smoking weed. But it's gone viral, and spawned a wave of parodies.

NSW Premier Mike Baird tweeted his amused, not quite endorsement of the campaign:

And the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Center moved to distance itself from the campaign:

At the NSW Government's request, NCPIC provided an initial basic analysis of other cannabis harms campaigns from Australia and around the world and general recommendations. In this case, those general recommendations were things like being aware that teenagers are intelligent and have access to a lot of information, so campaign approaches should respect them and give them credit by avoiding hyperbole.

Following our initial consultation, the NSW Government moved into campaign development phases with a creative agency, and the agency provided creative concept. NCPIC was not advised of or consulted about creative concept -- the stoner sloth idea -- and learnt of it at the same point as all other Australians when the campaign was released this week, so cannot provide insights into its development.

While NCPIC is an evidence-based body, and is happy to support the NSW Government with information and recommendations at any time, in this case it has been unfortunately implied in media that the Centre's involvement was greater than it actually was. While we wish the NSW Government luck in future cannabis campaigns, the current Stoner Sloth campaign doesn't reflect NCPIC views on how cannabis harms campaigns should be approached, as was implied by the media.

Also, in a most ridiculous oversight, the people responsible for the campaign failed to notice that there is a cannabis product marketing company already called Stoner Sloth.

Anti-drug PSAs have a glorious history of being unintentionally hilarious, and #StonerSloth is sure to join the ranks of the all time greats.

Source: The Guardian

Image: A Scholar and a Gentleman

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