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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Writes Apology Sharing Personal Struggle with Depression

After posting a video of himself talking about twitter feuds, Skrillex and Bieber, Joel Zimmerman tweeted some disconcerting thoughts about killing off deadmau5 altogether. He then froze his social media accounts, leaving fans bewildered.

Today, Joel took to tumblr to apologize and provide a little more explanation and insight into his personal life, admitting that he's been "dealing with some depression issues," and that he's "far from emotionally stable." Nonetheless, Joel asserts that he's "not unstable enough to know support when [he] sees it."

It definitely takes some balls to be honest and open about this kind of stuff. There are a few other artists who have discussed similar struggles - Blasterjaxx's Idir, Benga, Nicky Romero and most recently Rustie - but this only means there are so many more who aren't talking about it for whatever reasons.

Touring can be grueling and being a big-name artist can come with extreme peaks and valleys not to mention pressures, whether self-inflicted or from managers, labels, critics, etc.

But all of that aside, I think we can probably agree that being a human is just fucking weird sometimes. Happiness, mental health and emotional stability all take work - no matter who the hell you are, what you do for a living or what kind of lifestyle you lead. These things don't just happen, and there is no easy fix. It's something every single person on this planet has to work at every single day. Add some chemical imbalances and/or some deeply-ingrained problems, and shit gets even harder. So on that note - let's give each other the support and space when it's needed.

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