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Comedian Makes 'Rick & Morty' Dance Music Album [VIDEO]

Comedian Allie Goertz has sung about The Simpsons, The Goonies, Arrested Development, and Dungeons and Dragons. She usually writes and performs her comedic numbers using an acoustic guitar, but when she took on Rick and Morty, she needed "bass, synth, electronic drums, and samples to match the beauty, darkness, and lunacy of the show.” And we must admit... it's pretty fucking awesome.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Goertz made a music video for the single, "Dance Bitch," from her 5-track Rick and Morty concept album titled Sad Dance Songs. Check out the video below and then find the whole EP with songs like "Jeez Rick" and "I'm Sorry (Mr. Poopy Butthole)" on Bandcamp.


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