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EDM.com Spotlight

Renowned Ghost Producer Maarten Vorwerk Decides to Share the Wealth

After starting his music career as a hardstyle producer in 2001, Maarten Vorwerk went on to achieve several no. 1 tracks on Beatport. But if you know his name, it's highly likely that you know Vorwerk is one of the most successful ghost producers in EDM. Exactly who he produces for is a thorny topic but it's understood that Vorwerk has worked for many a big-names in the scene.

When Wonderland in Rave asked the Aruban native why he prefers ghost producing during an interview this past summer, Vorwerk expressed contentment.

"I love being in the studio and create things. That's who I am and what I do. For me this is the best way to present yourself."

Vorwerk expounded on this distinct perspective on ghost producing when asked how he feels when one of his ghost productions becomes a hit song.

"Life is good, especially here in Aruba where time is always good and you can always go to the beach. If you combine this with a lot of studio time, you basically have a perfect life. However, being a producer is still a very difficult career. There is always some kind of pressure. People expect a lot from you and you always have to deliver. The same goes for a DJ. Although a DJ can always use the same set, while I have to create something new every time.

I love if a track becomes a hit. It's great to see and hear all the positive reactions and listen to your music on the radio. My name is still in the credits, so this is recognition enough for me. I appreciate when a DJ mentions me as a co-producer on interviews or anything else."

Vorwerk decided to try and help others achieve this lifestyle, if a producer so chooses. The renowned ghost producer recently compiled his tips that he's been been releasing into a 100-page production guide. From advice on mixing to compressing to stereo imaging, Vorwerk describes it as "a great reference." Interested? Curious? You can download Vorwerk's guide here.

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